Wedding Highlight Reels: 4 Reasons They’re More Important than Full-Length Videos

Because you can’t share an hour long Catholic ceremony on Facebook. (And if you could, no one would watch it.)

Recently there has been a rise in couples hiring professional videographers for their weddings, and for good reason. You spend months (sometimes years!) meticulously making arrangements for a day that ends up flying by in what can feel like minutes, leaving too many couples desperate for a way to relive it. And while your wedding photos may be breathtaking mementos, photos still cannot capture motion or sound (think your spouse’s gasp after finally seeing you, grandpa’s dance moves, mom’s laughter). This makes having a wedding videographer a must-have.

At Social Shot, we take things one step further and offer a wedding highlight reel. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, imagine an artistic and emotional music video starring you and your love, featuring everyone you care about. Although we absolutely offer the option to record your entire wedding for you in our largest package, we actually recommend you consider opting for just the highlight reel. Here’s why:

  1. Simply put- it’s cheaper! And if you’re still deciding how to justify the splurge for a wedding videographer, try this school of thought: If you’re already going to invest so much money on one day, don’t you want to be able to relive it through video and share it as many times as you want in the future?

  2. A highlight reel allows you to relive the feelings everyone had on your wedding day, rather than being reminded of how it all went down from a fixed camera’s point of view. After our initial meeting with you, we learn your personalities and style and shoot accordingly to make a highlight reel that is tailored exactly for you. Matched with attentively captured clips of the best parts of your day, a highlight reel allows for a much more personal way to look back on a very personal experience.

  3. With the busy day moving so quickly, you’ll unfortunately miss so much. The highlight reel allows the camera more fluidity to catch the small things you won’t. While you’re mingling with guests, let us catch the small details in decor, your parents dancing cheek to cheek, dad getting choked up as you say your vows, you and your partner giggling together when you thought no one was paying attention. Highlight reels allows us to give those fleeting, candid moments right back to you.

  4. Be totally honest with yourselves: How many times are you going to watch your entire wedding ceremony and reception start to finish? (Insert “quality, not quantity” speech here.)

Every highlight reel on this page is ours! Check out some work we’ve done recently, and contact us to talk about creating one for you!

To see all of our highlight reels, check out the ‘Weddings’ section of our website right here: Social Shot Weddings

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