The Quickest Guideline for Social Media Growth: Does your Business Compare?

Use this guide to determine which level of power your business currently possesses online, and to which you aim to reach.

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“Social Media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.”

– Lori Ruff

Mark Ogne, EVP of Demand Metric, Advisor of NewzSocial, and author of the 2016 Statistical Fact Book Byline for Social has taken cue from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to create a guideline for the maturation process of a company’s social media. A company can rise to meet and surpass these levels as time, technology, and proper execution of their social media accounts assist them in effectively sharpening their approach, and broadening their power online. We have compiled these levels for you below:

LEVEL 1 – PRESENCE. The most simplistic and fundamental step: to extend an organization’s web presence into social media. This happens as people create a company page on LinkedIn, a fan page on Facebook, start a corporate Twitter account, etc.

LEVEL 2 – REACH. Soon, marketers realize that they need to produce a stream of content and share it. Through this process, they hopefully gain a following and some of their own “voice”.

LEVEL 3 – ENGAGEMENT. Here we see a fundamental shift in social strategy, from broadcasting and self-promotion to providing audience-based value. This is done by shifting focus from quantity of messages to quality of content, targeting of messages and delivery on the provision of value to specific audiences. When done properly, audiences are inclined to like, comment and share the content, thereby extending the engagement of the network.

LEVEL 4 – SCALE. Scale is to align social activity with all of the company’s marketing and communications programs, connect socially active teams across the company, and increase social participation.

LEVEL 5 – INFLUENCE. When all of these things are done well, some organizations become participants in the shaping of opinion within an audience. The outcome is that the business’ social credibility is developed into authority on topics and they become a thought leader. These movements deliver the marketing outcomes we’re all looking for.

Ogne states that he finds that the social media marketing industry averages to be around level 3, Engagement. By making sure that your social media accounts are handled appropriately and by creating compelling and influential content, your business can push it’s way to social media dominance.

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