9 Best Reasons You Should Say Yes to the “First Look”

Avoid wishing you had, when it’s too late!

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More and more couples are choosing to do a “First Look” on their wedding day, rather than waiting to see each other during the ceremony. And while it might not be the right choice for every couple, it’s certainly a route to consider! We’ve compiled nine reasons why below:

1. Mythiest Myth of them all: First Looks make your ceremony feel anti-climatic

People seem to worry doing a First Look will take away from the magic; that they’ll both go, “Eh. I’ve already seen you today. Over it.” But couples say it’s quite the contrary: Even if you’ve already seen each other all done up, walking down the aisle will still feel just as dreamy and equally as special. In fact, couples say that doing the First Look allowed them to be MORE in the moment and feel at ease during their ceremony!

2. Myth #2: First Looks always feel unnatural

Couples understandably worry that doing a First Look will feel awkward or seem staged and stiff. Talk with your wedding photographer about ways to make sure that won’t be the case! It’s your photographer’s job to blend in the background and make you comfortable in front of the camera. What’s more likely to happen is that you will be so giddy and wrapped up in seeing each other, you won’t notice what’s happening around you anyway.

3. It’ll cut down on the rushing for pictures

Your photographer needs time, especially if you have a large wedding party and/or family. Masterpieces can’t be too rushed, so if having wedding photos that blow you away is one of your priorities, a First Look may be the way to go. Having already seen your bride/groom means you can knock out some awesome group shots and be pickier with locations. It’s definitely the more logical route- and while there isn’t much romance in logic, there certainly isn’t romance in stress and rushing.

4. You’ll be able to better enjoy your guests

Actually spend your cocktail hour getting to talk to your guests, especially those traveling far to be there. Enjoy your reception at your leisure, rather than rushing to photo locations and marathoning through poses. Breathe and smile; you just became a married couple! The day will go by in a flash, so cherish every moment you can with the people you love.

5. You’ll be dying to see each other

Doing a First Look can help ease some of your wedding-day-jitters! What could possibly be a  better way to calm your nerves than to reserve some time for just the two of you?

6. First Looks often lead to more intimate and more emotional photos

No audience. No pressure to perform. Just you, your love, and a quiet photographer staying out of your way. During your ceremony, you won’t be able to hug, kiss, talk, and just stare at each other to soak in the moment. You’ll have to jump right into the formalities of the ceremony.

7. Save the flattering daylight for the photos, and the romantic dusk for the reception

Most wedding ceremonies start between 3:30 and 6pm. You might not have enough sunlight to take photos between your ceremony and reception, especially if you’re having a fall/winter wedding. Consider a First Look to eradicate that issue. The fewer things you have to stress about, the better!

8. It may be the only alone time you get the entire day

Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration. The day will be filled to the brim with mingling and pictures. Opting for a First Look gives you and your soon-to-be-spouse some time to enjoy each other, alone. We’ve heard from brides and grooms that their favorite part of their wedding day was that small amount of private time without guests vying for their attention.

9. Tradition, Shmadition

Don’t let traditions you don’t value put a damper in your plans. Sure, tradition claims its bad luck to see each other before the bride walks down the aisle. But tradition also says to study pig entrails to determine a lucky time to marry and to smash a loaf of bread over the bride’s head to make her fertile. Plus, this tradition was more appropriate when people didn’t even know who their spouse was until they met at the alter. Point being: Don’t take tradition *too* seriously, especially if it’s harshing your mellow.

We sincerely hope that this list has helped you in your wedding planning, especially if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to do a First Look. And although being a photography and videography business leaves us with a preference to do so for practicality’s sake, what it really comes down to is this: You and your partner have to do what’s best for you on your special day. Your happiness is and will always be our main priority.

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