5 Blunt Reasons: Your Business Needs a Professional Photographer Now.

5 Blunt Reasons Your Business Needs to Hire a Professional Photographer Now

When it comes to successfully marketing and promoting your business in this day and age, professional photos and videos are a must, no matter the industry.

Professional photography is your most valuable tool not only when trying to sell a physical product, but also when trying to gain interaction and results from your written content. Studies show that web visitors are 80% more likely to read content if it’s paired with a good image, and 64% more likely to retain the information (HostGator 2017). If that statistic alone doesn’t have you convinced, here are 5 other crucial reasons:

1. It’s the age of social media and online shopping, and that means a huge amount of business is done on the internet. But this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook even as a business that does not primarily sell your products or services online. Typically, customers will quickly research a business online before even stepping into the physical store or making that first call, and will give their business to whichever brand offers a more promising online presence. This means professional and high-quality photos, better reviews, videos, information about products and staff members, attractive menus, and a professional-looking website. New customers will choose a more promising restaurant if yours doesn’t offer photos or a menu online. They’ll choose to shop for their wedding gown at a different salon if your website doesn’t display professional photos. You get where we’re going here. Almost every customer will have a computer right in their pocket, which means professional photos and videos of your products are more valuable than ever. Your first impression happens well before they ever walk through your doors.

2. This one is simple: People equate higher quality photos, videos, and websites with higher quality products and services. It may sound like a good cost alternative to take photos and videos on cell phones rather than dishing out for a pro. But think carefully before doing this- Lower quality photos equate to lower quality products and services in the minds of customers, especially if a competitor has better media than you. Do not skimp on your first impression.

3. You need fresh content for people to engage with continuously. Regularly posting new photos and videos to blogs, your website, and your social media pages will keep potential customers engaged and keep yourself in their minds.

4. As a business owner, you and your employees need headshots visible online. Professional photos with a short description make you and your staff appear professional and approachable. Customers like to see the faces of who they are doing business with.

5. The media you put out reflects the service you put out. Just like cell phone photos and videos, Stock Photography may seem like a more cost-effective route, but many customers can tell when a photo is original, and when it’s a stock photo (This is especially true of younger generations). Stock photos are boring, they are easy to ignore, and they can potentially make your business look cheap and lazy. Not to mention, hundreds of other companies are probably using the same exact photos. Studies have shown this over and over: People respond much better to images they perceive as authentic.

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